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Yoga & Tea Studio began serving the Ottawa yoga community from March 2008 to December 2016, at its rural location at 211 Donald B. Munro Drive in the village of Carp.  In September, 2017 the business was re-opened at its current location as a home based yoga studio still within the quiet and peaceful setting of the Carp village.

Our mission is to provide yoga as a technology for our clients to lead happy, healthy and holistic lives.  We strive to offer other wellness programs and complimentary healing modalities to empower our clients on the path of wellness.


Yoga & Tea Studio was founded and is directed by trained yoga teacher, Navjit Kaur Sidhu (E-RYT 500), so our programs are aligned with traditional yoga principles and philosophy, designed to holistically treat body, mind and spirit and encompass all of what yoga has to offer.  We strive to keep our studio environment nurturing, personal and community-oriented so that each individual receives specialized attention.  By supporting our local business, you are directly supporting those in your community who earn their sacred livelihood by offering quality health & wellness programs and who in turn give back to the community.


The Yoga & Tea Studio features:

  • 2 yoga rooms

  • 1 treatment room

  • small, intimate class sizes limited to 10-12 people, so you get personal attention and we can ensure that you’re practicing safely

  • personable, caring and qualified teachers who have graduated from Yoga Alliance approved programs

  • safe, authentic and classical forms of yoga and wellness programs, which follow a lineage of yoga tradition – so you won’t find commercial or trendy yoga fads here!

  • a focus on physical AND mental fitness

  • time for proper warm-up exercises, yoga practice and relaxation, which is why most of our classes are 90 minutes long.

  • an assortment of props available for you to use in class such as yoga blocks, blankets, straps, sand bags, eye pillows and yoga chairs

  • free, ample street parking

  • bike storage

  • air conditioning (used only when humidity levels at levels that make it uncomfortable to practice yoga)

  • a yoga and wellness store, featuring an assortment of yoga props for you to purchase as well as CDs, DVDs, books, jewellery, candles and other quality products related to yoga, health and wellness

  • a variety of accepted payment methods such as cash, Interac, Visa/Mastercard


AND all classes at Yoga & Tea studio end with complimentary tea! This is a great way to socialize after class, network within the community and chat with your teacher!


Our logo contains the following elements to depict the ancient healing traditions of yoga and tea:


  • 5 petal lotus flower: Self-Awareness

The lotus flower is an iconic symbolism of beauty because it lives in the muddy water yet remains unsoiled. It represents rebirth, purification, and enlightenment.  It provides hope and inspiration, that in the stresses of our own life, it is possible to emerge with a clear and focused mind, serene and graceful.


  • Inner Flower: Community

This represents a circle of people sitting in easy pose, joined together in group consciousness and community.  Participating in group yoga classes is elevating, motivating and provides a sense of community.  Especially, when there’s an opportunity to enjoy tea together after class!


  • Red solid lines: Body/Mind

Represent the physical and emotional benefits enjoyed through the practice of yoga.


  • Gold dotted lines: Spirit

Represent the energetic benefits, the flow of subtle life force (prana), and universal consciousness.  Moving beyond the physical self to the Infinite Self and the sense of expansiveness, inter-connectedness, oneness.


Yoga & Tea Studio is recognized as a Certified Private Educational Institution by HRSDC (Human Resources and Skills Development Canada) and the CRA (Canada Revenue Agency).  Participants in our yoga training programs are eligible to receive an official tuition fee receipt (T2202A) for Tuition and Education Tax Credits for personal income tax.  For more details about Tuition and Educational tax credits, please visit the CRA website: Tuition, education and textbook amounts


Yoga & Tea Studio has been awarded this honor for 6 consecutive years by the West Ottawa Board of Trade (formerly known as the Kanata Chamber of Commerce).


Thanks to all of our patrons for your vote of support!


Yoga & Tea Studio has been a 3HO Yoga Center Partner since 2010.  Membership in the 3HO Yoga Center Program is limited to yoga centers that host/teach Kundalini Yoga as Taught by Yogi Bhajan classes.We help to promote events held by 3HO and comply with the 3HO/KRI Code of Excellence and Professional Standards


Yoga & Tea Studio is a corporate citizen and has contributed its support to the following organizations over the years through sponsorship and/or fundraising efforts to the following organizations:

  • Carp Splash Pad

  • West Carleton Food Bank

  • Yogini Yogathon

  • Lanark County Interval House

  • Huntley Centennial Public School

  • Stonecrest Public School

  • West Carleton High School

  • Venta Preparatory School

  • West Carleton Garden Club

  • West Carleton Family Health Team

  • Diefenbooker Race

  • Ottawa White Tantric Yoga

  • Yogi Bhajan Library of Teachings

  • Huntley Community Association

  • West Carleton Skating Club

  • West Carleton Arts Society

Yoga & Tea Studio is designated by Yoga Alliance as a Registered Yoga School (RYS 200®).  This designation acknowledges that we provide 200-hour yoga teacher training programs meets or exceeds the curriculum standards developed by Yoga Alliance and that the training is conducted by experienced instructors.  Graduates of our training programs are eligible to register as RYT 200 with Yoga Alliance.

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