200hr Hatha Yoga Teacher Training

Fall 2021

9:00am - 5:00pm, Thursdays

Covid Update: Now LIVE Online Learning

Learn how to integrate all facets of yoga

Train 1 day a week, weekends stay free!

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Only 10 spots available

Ottawa 200hr Hatha Yoga Teacher Training Program, Part-time Weekday, Live Online Virtual Training


  • This training will be offered LIVE online via Zoom and once COVID-19 health risks are over and we can safely resume as normal, the program will move to in-person training at the studio or other designated location.

  • A kick-off meeting will be scheduled to ensure that all students are properly setup with audio/video/ergonomics for online learning via Zoom.

  • This hybrid training model has been approved by Yoga Alliance


Learn more about the curricula, the studio, meet the Lead Trainer & enjoy a chat!

  • 9:30am-10:30am, Friday April 9 (reserve your spot here...)

  • 9:30am-10:30am, Friday June 25 (reserve your spot here...)

  • Become a mindful and confident Hatha Yoga Practitioner & Teacher with this comprehensive yoga training program

  • Train with our award-winning, studio in rural Ottawa

  • Enjoy a low student to teacher ratio that will promote more individual attention and personal development

  • Learn at a comfortable pace with this 1 day a week program spread over 23 weeks (keep your weekends free!)

  • Gain knowledge from our lead trainer, an expert in their field and over 10 years of experience in health & wellness

  • Receive an official tuition fee receipt (T2202A) for Tuition and Education Tax Credits for personal income tax

This program will offer you a deeper understanding of this ancient practice, and give you many tools you can use on your mat and in your life! This certification will qualify you for the Yoga Alliance Registered Yoga Teacher Certificate, RYT (200hr) designation.


This 200-hour training can be taken by the following participants:

  • Anyone who is interested in a more complete understanding of the fundamentals of classical Hatha Yoga in order to develop a deeper personal practice

  • Anyone who is interested in teaching Hatha Yoga and being certified with this Yoga Alliance approved program

  • Any health & wellness practioner who is interested in understanding the health-related, therapeutic aspects of Hatha Yoga for themselves and/or their professional practice.


Yoga & Tea Studio is designated as a Registered Yoga School (RYS) by Yoga Alliance.  Yoga & Tea Studio is recognized as a Certified Private Educational Institution by HRSDC and the CRA.  Participants in our training programs are eligible to receive an official tuition fee receipt (T2202A) for Tuition and Education Tax Credits for personal income tax.

Lead Trainer (E-RYT 500, RPYT, RCYT)

Navjit Kaur Sidhu

Navjit Kaur is the founder and director of the award-winning Yoga & Tea Studio (2008-present) and continues to teach and provide training programs in the area and abroad. As a mom, wife, Professional Engineer and Yogipreneur, Navjit Kaur enjoys sharing how yoga philosophy and techniques help you to deal with modern day issues relating to stress, health and relationships. Her approach in teacher training programs is to provide you with the experience of being a student first, and from there how to develop a personal practice, so that you can be of better service to those you teach based on your own experience of what you have practiced. Her gentle, friendly demeanor, joyful attitude, and effective communication and organization skills, make her programs accessible, provide introspection and growth, and an opportunity for you to heal, and be challenged to excel.  She is also a Food For Life Cooking Instructor and demonstrates how plant-based diets can help to prevent and reverse illness.  Since 2005, Navjit Kaur has taught over 4000 hours and continues to deepen her own personal practice and the art of teaching by taking continuing education. See her complete profile here...


This comprehensive training includes 180 hours classroom instruction and 20 online study hours in a well-defined curriculum which includes:

  • An overview of the history, philosophy, and evolution of Yoga

  • Exploring core yogic principles for living a fulfilling and balanced life

  • Developing a daily personal yoga practice (the challenges, the pitfalls, the purpose, intention and value)

  • Western anatomy and physiology for Yogis (cellular structure, the spine, Musculoskeletal system, Nervous system, Circulatory system, Respiratory system, Immune system, Endocrine system, Digestive system, Urinary system, Reproductive system)

  • An introduction to the Anatomy Trains model of fascial lines (Tom Myers)

  • Yogic anatomy and physiology (koshas, prana, vayus, nadis, chakras)

  • Breathing techniques (pranayama) and the use of breath as a transformative tool

  • The application of bandhas (energy locks)

  • Ayurvedic principles for living according to your constitution, daily and seasonal rhythms

  • How to incorporate a plant-based diet to purify the body and mind in order to support your yoga practice and practice integrating yoga philosophy (includes meal planning and prep, dietician prepared recipes, food tasting, tools, videos, medical supported evidence relating food choices and chronic health issues)

  • Meditation with and without mantra

  • Effect of music and sound in yoga

  • Overview of fundamental asana groups ( Yoga postures), how to practice, teach, provide alignment cues and understand the benefits of each pose

  • Proper alignment and how to avoid injuries

  • The art of sequencing a yoga class in order to create a safe, effective and balanced class plan

  • Teaching methodologies

  • How to use verbal and visual cueing when teaching

  • Qualities, lifestyle and ethics of a teacher

  • Practicum teaching experience

  • The business, marketing and legal aspects of teaching yoga

Program Format & Location

The training takes place 1 day a week from September to March.  This will allow you learn at a comfortable pace, and allow for more time to assimilate the theory, put it into personal practice and come prepared for the next day of training with your questions and observations.


The program format will be presentations on theory, history, anatomy, and include guided practices, hands-on teaching and partner work.  Participants are expected to review the material and practice at home in the time between training days, so that questions and observations can be discussed in the following training day. Participants should allocate at least an hour a day for experiential practice, reading, and homework.


Covid Update, System Requirements:

  • A webcam or smartphone with a camera

  • Fast, reliable internet connection

  • Laptop or desktop

  • Dedicated, uninterrupted space to practice yoga, demo yoga poses, participate in online learning

  • You must have your video turned on during online contact hours in order to prove your attendance




Dates (23 weeks)

Mondays September 2021 - March 2022

Dates will be posted soon - contact us for more info!

Tuition Fee

Yoga & Tea Studio is recognized as a Certified Private Educational Institution by HRSDC and the CRA.  Participants in our training programs are eligible to receive an official tuition fee receipt (T2202A) for Tuition and Education Tax Credits for personal income tax.

TBD (early bird special)

Payment made by TBD

Register early and save off the regular fee!

$TBD (regular fee)

Payment made between before the start of the program

Book your spot! Since spots are limited, you can save your spot in the program by paying a non-refundable deposit payment of $250+HST. We will contact you to pay the remainder of the tuition fee which is due by the early-bird deadline or registration deadline date.

Tuition Fee Includes:

  • 180+ hours of classroom instruction

  • Customized Training manual and textbooks (valued at $200)

  • Nutrition Essentials 21-day Kickstart Program by Physicians Committee for Responsible Medicine (valued at $399+HST)

  • 20 class flex pass valid at Yoga & Tea Studio for the duration of the program (valued at $240+HST)

  • 15% discount at Yoga & Tea Studio for the duration of the program for items such as mats, bags, cushions, CDs, books, jewelery, etc

Registration and Refund details:

  • Minimum registration is 5 students

  • Maximum registration is 10 students

  • Registration deadline is TBD or when the max number of registrants has been met

  • Refunds (minus $250 admin fee) are available before TBD

  • No refunds after TBD


Interested in the next session starting Fall 2021? 

Contact us and we'll be in touch with upcoming dates!


"Navjit Kaur Sidhu is an exceptional teacher training instructor. The program was taught with grace and integrity. I understand what proper yoga is and will continue to learn yoga philosophy in the future. I loved the pace, the materials used and the consistent support from the trainer and my classmates. I will never forget the beautiful meals you prepared so lovingly. The program was extremely valuable and I am looking forward to continuing my knowledge of yoga. Thank you for guiding us through this incredible journey!"

Basia Pawlikowski (June 2018 yoga program graduate)

Ottawa, ON

"Taking the yoga teacher training at Yoga & Tea was a life-changing experience. Having practiced yoga for 15+ years, I always wanted to delve deeper and learn about not only the poses but the PHILOSOPHY. How to LIVE yoga. Navjit Kaur taught me how to link it all together: asanas, pranayama and meditation.  The aspects I enjoyed most were philosophy, chakras, yoga poses and the food. I loved the holistic teaching. Navjit Kaur is pure, challenging and authentic. Thank you for this life changing journey!"

Kathy Kontogiannis (June 2018 yoga program graduate)

Greely, ON

"The 200hr HYTT program was an incredible experience covering a diverse range of subject matter and practical application. Navjit Kaur is incredibly knowledgeable, approachable and was supportive every step of the way. This was truly a life changing experience for me. Thank you so much for your guidance, dedication and kindness."

Julie Underwood (June 2018 yoga program graduate)

Ottawa, ON

"Super incredible journey of growth and self-discovery. The trainer was very open, great sense of humour, understanding, patient, knowledgeable and helpful. I loved learning about the yamas and niyamas and took quite a lot from this. I learned a lot about food, tried lots of new things and enjoyed lunchtime with friends in this program."

Megan Burn (June 2018 yoga program graduate)

Ottawa, ON

"So happy I signed up for this. Truly loved your program. Inviting yoga classes led by a professional and warm yoga teacher!"

Maggie Shannan (June 2018 yoga program graduate)

Perth, ON

"Navjit Kaur has an extensive knowledge and passion for yoga. Her enthusiasm is contagious. She added so many personal touches to the course and in choosing the training manuals. It would be difficult to find a better, more genuine and passionate teacher than Navjit to take this training from. She exemplifies the perfect (ultimate) yogi."

Deborah McDonald (June 2018 yoga program graduate)

Ottawa, ON

"I most enjoyed the yamas and niyamas, the morning yoga classes and learning the history of yoga."

Nayeer Salem (June 2018 yoga program graduate)

Ottawa, ON

"I really enjoyed the program and everything I learned. I enjoyed the people I was able to get to know well, learning about the power of the mind and breath as well as access to the whole gamut of healing the entire body and pain relief.  It was a wonderful whole body training with physical, emotional and spiritual elements."

Margaret O'Reilly (June 2018 yoga program graduate)

Ottawa, ON

"If you're looking for an outstanding and thorough exploration of the Yogic Path, look no further! Yoga & Tea Studio and its generous and experienced leadership team provide a safe, educational and nurturing experience."

Alison Kurtz Stein (May 2016 yoga program graduate)

Ottawa, ON

"Navjit Kaur and Louise Murray are two of the most knowledgeable, dedicated and authentic yogis.  Being able to learn this amazing gift of yoga has been such a blessing.  I recommend their Hatha Yoga Teacher Training to anyone looking to find a deeper connection to themselves and to the divine. 5 stars! ***** "

Lyssa Ryan (May 2016 yoga program graduate)

Ottawa, ON

"Great program which provided in-depth knowledge of all aspects of the yoga experience.  I would definitely recommend this to anyone who wishes to obtain their certification."

Linda Collard (May 2016 yoga program graduate)

Ottawa, ON

"I would recommend this teacher training program.  I find it thorough education of the theory and history behind yoga.  Gives a solid foundation to begin on the pathway to teach yoga."

Jenny Fowler (May 2016 yoga program graduate)

Ottawa, ON

"I have already recommended the Yoga & Tea Studio teacher training program to several people who have expressed an interest in deepening their practice or teaching. I had high expectations going in as to the quality of education/preparation I would receive and the program met and/or surpassed them in all areas."

Cathy Walker (May 2014 yoga program graduate)

Ottawa, ON

"This is a fantastic, well-planned, truly life-changing program."

(May 2014 yoga program graduate)

Ottawa, ON

"Much gratitude for the retreat-like setting and atmosphere of Yoga & Tea Studio, which was a great place to practice and learn yoga.  Nice to get away from it all, just outside the city."

Pam Bhandarkar MacPhee (May 2014 program graduate)

Ottawa, ON

"Worth every penny and every second of time spent.  This was the most amazing thing that I have done for myself.  This course will completely transform your practice and understanding of what it means to practice yoga."

Erin McCaw (May 2014 program graduate)

Ottawa, ON

"This experience changed my life in ways I couldn't have imagined.  Not only have I gained the foundation to teach yoga, I've evolved towards being my best self in all aspects of life."

(May 2014 program graduate 2)

Ottawa, ON

"Yoga & Tea Studio is a gorgeous environment.  If you are considering Hatha Yoga Teacher Training in Ottawa, consider them."

(May 2014 program graduate 3)

Ottawa, ON

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